Espadrilles are among a woman’s essential footwear. It’s like high heels but are different in design as it resembles more of a wedge. However, similar to high heels, a lot of women struggle to wear and walk in womens espadrilles. That’s why in this article, we’re going to talk about some expert tips to teach you how to walk properly in your espadrilles.


Start Small

Similar to wearing high heels, you simply can’t manage to walk in them right away. That’s why you should start small. There’s no one-way ticket to the big leagues. You’ve got to start small and gain some familiarity and comfort in wearing espadrilles. Start with something that’s in the two-inch range and work your way up as you become more used to the feeling of being raised off the ground every time you take a step.


Size Doesn’t Matter

Don’t force yourself into a wedge that’s too small or too big. It’s all about the fit. The style and appearance don’t matter if it doesn’t fit with you. Keep that in mind when you’re trying to practice walking in womens espadrilles. It takes a lot of time and practice to get used to wearing them. But part of that is to wear espadrilles that are the right size for your feet. To make sure you’re selecting the right fit, get your feet measured at least once a year. When you’re shopping for espadrilles, make sure you do it at night when your feet are swollen after the day.


Correct Cushioning

Any form of high heels – espadrilles included – can potentially damage your feet. That’s why your feet must have adequate support whenever you wear them. You can try out a pair of shock-absorbing cushions. A couple of these cushions will keep your feet comfortable and well-protected throughout the day. In addition, it will also prevent your feet from deforming – a common side effect of wearing high heels for too often.


Learning to Walk the Right Way

When wearing womens espadrilles, a lot of women tend to slam their foot down all at once when walking. The reason why is that both their heel and toe ad in such proximity. However, this way of walking can result in a sprained, twisted, and broken ankle if you lose your balance. To prevent any unwanted injury while wearing wedges, try pushing your hips forward. Doing so will engage your core. When stepping, try to do it in a heel-to manner. Not only will it perfect your manner of walking in espadrilles, but it can also double as a daily workout on your feet.