The perfect grilled T-bone steak starts with a good cut of meat. You could head out to your local butcher and look at the selection of their steaks – but it would be better to put a stake in ordering your meat from the #1 online meat store. You can’t beat the choice of a cut of meat that’s 100 per cent guaranteed!

Online MeatOnline providers, however, offer you more high-quality options and make sure your steak reaches your door. They often provide excellent recipes printed on cards that get the best out of meat.

Choosing the Right Steak Cut

Meat cuts can be divided into three categories. Starting from the top of the back and going down to the centre of the back are the ribs, short spine and sirloin. The rib area contains cuts such as rib fillet, roast rib and back ribs, which is the least tender section of the three. The small region of the column produces the T-bone, tenderloin, porterhouse, and top loin steak. The sirloin cut gives the fillet and the top sirloin. Other cuts like round and flank come from those areas and tend to be more chewy cuts of meat. The strips of steaks, such as New York steak, are cut from the T-bone section.

If you are searching for the most tender cut of beef, it is sirloin. In this area, filet mignon, chateaubriand and tournedos are obtained although these are the most tender, the cuts are also the least tasty. The rib-eye steak is maybe a little less tender but much more pleasant. Small streaks of fat, called marbling along the meat mean more taste. So, with less marbling, you get less tender but tastier meat. The balance between the two is what makes the best steak.

Order Online

Once you have decided the cuts and how many steaks you want, it’s time to order the #1 online meat store. Or for that hard-to-buy person who loves the grill, it’s time to send a gift of meat!

Many online meat outlets offer gift boxes with different steaks or monthly gift plans. If you are unsure which cuts of meat to order, look at the steak packages selections. This will then provide you with a good idea of what combinations are desirable.

How much should you buy? Some companies offer free shipping and handling with a minimum purchase amount, but ensure you’re not ordering more meat than your available freezer space. Orders are placed in thermal packaging. If you still don’t feel at ease using your credit card for your online transaction, call the toll-free number provided to order. And are often shipped at night or on the 2nd day of air. Be sure to freeze your steaks once they arrive (advice: if you are ordering but heading to a holiday soon, delay the shipping date until your return).

In addition to the ease of having excellent online meat delivered directly to your door, it is always exciting to receive a package, even if you ordered it for you. And if you feel that way, think of the lucky recipient of your meat gift box.