The comfort of having an air conditioning system becomes a crucial necessity for everyone’s daily life. A well-conditioned and powerful AC unit is vital to combat the summer heat regardless of where you live in Australia. But the problem is even the most luxurious and sophisticated air conditioning units don’t last forever.

However, a modern and well-maintained AC unit can last up to 12 to 15 years with yearly inspections and monthly filter changes. If your unit already exceeds its expected lifespan, it is a sign that you must think about switching to a Kelvinator split system.

In this article, you will learn the clear signs that you need new AC units to maintain your home’s coolness and comfort during the summer months.

1 – Age

Usually, the most common reason for buying a new air conditioner is age. As your unit gets older, the less it becomes efficient, and it will continue to lose energy efficiency over time.

Pay attention as to how frequent you need for repairs. Once a year is not an indication that you need for a new unit yet, however, it could mean that you are getting closer to the time of replacing it. Obtaining a new unit can help you save money in the long run on energy costs and repairs.

There are also unseen benefits of replacing an old unit, such as improved air quality and reduced carbon emissions.

2 – Inconsistency

Is your unit emitting stable temperature in your home?  Although this is not directly referring to needing a new AC unit, if you are to consider combining this with the age of your unit, probably you could require a new one soon.

Ductwork leaks or poor insulation are some of the reasons for temperature inconsistencies. You can contact someone in our office these days, and we can have one of our best service technicians diagnose the problem for you.

3 – Humidity Issues

As your unit aged, its performance becomes less and less efficient. You should pay attention also to the humidity level in your home because an aging unit will not dehumidify as well as it should.

4 – Increased Utility Bills

Older AC units don’t perform efficiently, and the efficiency will continue to diminish each year. Check your utility bills, and if you notice a steady increase, then probably, it is time that you need to replace your units.

When you are already decided to replace your old air conditioning unit with a new one like a Kelvinator split system, tapping the services of a professional technician to streamline the process is ideal.  You have to consider also calling in an expert to examine it out if there’s a need to replace your AC unit or if it is still repairable.