Chiro Adelaide Clinic, also known as Chiropractic, is a popular place to see when suffering from pain. Located in New Jersey, it offers the best in care for your body, mind and spirit. “Our aim is the same as yours. To find out exactly what is causing your discomfort and work toward fixing it as soon as possible.” For more information, visit now.

“Chiropractic is not simply a set of spinal adjustments. Chiropractors believe that every person has their own energy field, which can be influenced by several things, such as environmental conditions, diet, health and personal traits, habits and beliefs. Our goal at the Chiro Clinic is to work with your body and mind to alleviate pain, improve your body’s overall functioning, and give you greater vitality and wellness.” -Bob Chiro, MD


Chiropractic care at Chiro Adelaide is a combination of physical therapy, nutrition and massage services that combine to provide optimal treatment for a variety of conditions. “Your first visit will assess your health, and at that time you will have an opportunity to discuss your concerns and to see some of our services. The goal of the treatment is to get to the root of your condition and heal it. Book an appointment at now.


In addition to physical therapy, Chiropractic offers nutritional counselling that is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle and enhance your overall well-being. Our staff will educate you on the importance of having a balanced diet, the importance of making certain lifestyle changes and the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments.


In our clinics, we try to keep a balance between conventional medical procedures and chiropractic services. When you arrive at our clinic, you will be given a general physical examination before you are given your initial chiropractic treatments. This will include things like blood work, the exam for infections and other conditions, x-rays, spinal imaging and any other tests that may be required. If your health history and current health are found to be normal, the initial assessment will be more detailed to determine whether your symptoms are caused by a physical or emotional problem or by your lifestyle. Book an appointment at now.


Your chiropractic care is tailored to meet your needs so that it works with your current situation and goals. It may begin by performing physical therapy, working with your body to relax and treat a specific problem, then moving on to preventative maintenance and manipulation if that’s necessary. During this phase, we also use hands-on treatments that will address any underlying problems and ensure that your spine, head and neck are in good working order. Then we move into chiropractic care using chiropractic adjustments to correct the problems that may have been causing the symptoms.