Are you planning to sell a house? Did a potential buyer request that you provide them with a building inspection report? If so, then you’ll need to make sure you impress the building inspector Adelaide into giving you a high rating. However, to do that, you’ll need to make specific preparations. By following the tips listed below, you will not only pass your building inspections, but you can use the positive report of your home to increase its overall value. With that said, here are three ways you can do to impress the building inspector.



Provide Open Access to Areas that Need to Be Checked


While inspectors do their job flawlessly, they tend to do it quickly. The reason is that they’re in a hurry as they have other homes to check throughout the day. That’s why the last thing they’d want to deal with when inspecting your home is potential restrictions that can delay the inspection. Their mood will also affect how they rate your house. So make sure you don’t give them any reason to be frustrated by providing open access to certain areas that need to be checked. Open your garage door, keep your attic and basement unlocked, give them access to your air conditioning system, and more. Whatever you do, make sure that the inspector can check your entire house without any problems.


Clear Out Any Unwanted Clutter


After checking the exterior of your house, a building inspector Adelaide will then proceed to the interior, where most of the inspection is going to occur. Another issue that can give you a low rating is having a lot of clutter around your house. Inspectors want to move freely around the house so they can execute their inspection quickly and be on time for the other ones in their schedule. If you have a lot of clutter at home, it’s best if you clear it out just for the day to allow the inspector to do his job without any restrictions.


Make Pre-Inspection Checks of Your House


It may be a lot of work. But making pre-inspections will ensure that your home will have a high rating from the inspector. By inspecting your house first, you can predict the potential flaws that they may find out and work out a good reason as to why it’s the case. It will also impress the inspector that you know a lot about your home, giving them an impression that you’re honest and transparent when it comes to your house.


A building inspector Adelaide wants you to show them that you care for your home. By following these three tips, you’ll give them all the right reasons to provide you with a high rating. For more expert building inspection tips, check out our blog page.