There are two questions we hear too often when it comes to hiring a building inspector: “Aren’t all building inspection reports the same thing?” and “shouldn’t I just get the least expensive inspector to do the job?” The definite answer to these questions is a resounding “No.” Some inspectors only care for their own welfare. They do sloppy inspections and want to get things done so they can get paid. On the other hand, some Bayside Building Inspectors are true professionals and can establish a lasting relationship with their clients. These inspectors will protect you from making expensive mistakes by uncovering any hidden flaws of a building you’re about to acquire.



You should always work to find and hire the latter inspector. They assure you and can provide expert building inspection services for you. To find a professional building inspector that cares for your welfare, you should look into determining their qualities and characteristics. Here are some of the things you must consider when choosing for a building inspector:


  1. Check if the building inspector has the right Registered Building Practitioner qualifications.
  2. Make sure they have and can showcase extensive practical building inspection experience. Newly registered inspectors tend to commit ‘rookie mistakes.’ Avoid that by hiring a seasoned veteran instead.
  3. Ask if they are qualified for costing building repairs and if they can provide the exact repair costs of the reported building defects.
  4. Request a sample of their reports and check if it’s written in clear, unambiguous language with a considerable number of photos. Also, make sure that the texts are understandable.
  5. Make sure the bulk of these sample reports deal specifically with the property and isn’t otherwise full of legal disclaimers and standardized clauses.
  6. Ask if the building inspector can meet with you after the actual inspection for a private discussion about the status of the property.



Once you’ve determined these factors, you can then proceed to search for other equally qualified inspectors for some quotes. Having a variety of options is good since you’re not restricting yourself with only a few candidates. Be aware that architects, who also qualify as building inspectors, tend to charge for high fees. Inexperienced inspectors, on the other hand, tend to charge lower. The right professional Bayside Building Inspectors will charge a price somewhere in the middle.


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