When it comes to storing your tools, many options are out there. You can choose from a rolling toolbox, metal or plastic toolbox or a tool bag. While it is great that there are all these options,  many DIYers and tradies will tell you they prefer to use a tool bag to carry all their tools. Let’s find out some of the advantages that a Makita tool bag can offer versus those of the other options.


Toolboxes are large and bulky, and tools can be lost quite quickly depending on which box style you choose. Hard plastic tool boxes add in the weight of the load, and the handles are often awkward as well.

Alternatively, a tool bag is light and very easy to transport from one area of the job to another. Most tool bags are made from durable, durable fabric. As a result, the weight of your tools will not tear or tear them a lot.

Compartments and Pouches

When you place your tools in your new Makita tool bag, take advantage of the pockets. These pockets will allow you to store your tools vertically, so you never have to stop everything from digging everything and finding the right screwdriver, the correct key or your socket set. Some of the finest tool bags have more than 20 individual pockets inside and outside the tool bag, making them very convenient for organisational storage.

Protection for Small Objects

Many tool bags contain a few things we could never do without, which are padded spaces for our cell phones and tablets, as well as D-rings for keys and other small items.

A too bag makes it much easier to retrieve a tool instead of stopping to open boxes.


A tool bag can close with a zipper and can be transported as an ordinary toolbox, or you can open it, effectively increasing the amount of interior space. The wide opening allows you to stow away your extension cord, some power tools and a charged battery pack into the bag and carry it on your shoulder. The adjustable and padded straps make them very comfortable.

Sizes and Styles

Tool bags come in many different sizes and styles, and we recommend you choose the one that best suits your needs. You may find that a Makita tool bag has an optional shoulder strap or you may decide that a backpack version will be better suited to your needs.

Other features of that may be available in tool bags include waterproofing or water resistance, lights, and for the ultimate DIYer’s dream, built-in speakers to connect a mobile phone or MP3 player and listen to favourite tunes while working!