Timber floors are amazing. Just when you thought that it’s getting older and will need replacement, you sand it, and your floor will immediately come back to life. Sanding and polishing https://FloorSandingAndPolishingAdelaide.com.au/ your timber floors may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. All you need is a few tips and tricks to make sure you get it right, and we have some right now to help you get started:

Getting the room ready before you begin sanding is a crucial step. While it may sound obvious, this step is one that most homeowners tend to overlook. Making sure your room is ready for polishing will impact the overall outcome of the task. This is why you should consider clearing out the room and making sure your floor is fully exposed before you get started.


You must move any furniture out of the room. If the furniture is built-in and cannot be moved, make sure that all exposed parts are well-covered and sealed. This will avoid any potential damages during the sanding process.


If the floor is covered in carpet, it has to be removed for the sanding process to continue. If the carpet is massive and cumbersome, the right solution is to cut the carpet into small pieces using a sharp utility knife and carry them out of the room. You can also remove your carpet altogether. Sanding and polishing your timber floor won’t make any sense if you’re only going to cover it in carpet afterwards.


Inspect the floor for any loose boards, which can lead to unwanted accidents. Once you spot some, nail them down immediately. Protruding floor nails can gouge out of the sanding machine belt and cause damage. That’s why you should also look for any nails that are striking out and punch them at least three to four millimetres below the surface.


Since floor sanding https://FloorSandingAndPolishingAdelaide.com.au/ is dirty work, with the dust generated very fine, the residue can damage your furniture and home appliances. That’s why before you start sanding, turn off your ventilation and cover all grills and duct using plastic tape. Tape your plastic sheets over your power outlets, vent, computer outlet and pictures as well as other electronic devices.


If you’re going to polish and sand your timber floors, make sure you’re doing it right. For more useful tips and tricks on how to polish and sand your timber floor, check out our blog page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for some great articles that you will find interesting.