When people think of display villages in Adelaide, their minds often turn to Victorian-style gables and grand houses that were originally built with glass panels. More modern displays feature booths for catering to an array of foodservice needs, from wedding cakes to cocktail hour. Most Adelaide display villages offer a full range of services, from wedding decoration to catering.


Many Adelaide display villages have been converted into exclusive guest rooms for weddings. While most displays will allow you to keep the ambience of the original with quaint touches like the vintage signage or small retro touches like ceiling fans, many offer bigger rooms, modern furnishings, and hardwood floors.


Some of the many types of displays include townhouses, townhouses in apartments, Adelaide display houses, Adelaide display apartment, elegant show, sala, studios, mini sala, stage, halls, hotels, railway terminal, art galleries, salons, gyms, gymnasiums, banks, restaurants, catering services, outdoor kitchens, fine dining, bars, and many more. Don’t worry about anything being left out since the displays are so versatile and adaptable.


Depending on what type of show you are looking for, there is probably a display house in Adelaide. One of the common types of display houses is a single unit, which allows you to display just one thing. This is ideal for small shops that only sell a few items.


Another popular type of display building is multiple units. In this case, the display housing is placed on top of an existing floor. When guests come to visit the houses for the first time, they are most likely surprised at the vastness of the building and the amount of room available, allowing them to stay and dine.


Some of the most beautiful Adelaide display villages include open courtyards with multiple, large panels. This is perfect for people who want a fantastic view of the city while still having all of the amenities that they need for their event.


Some families prefer to display apartments, which provides a bit of the charm of having traditional apartments but without the maintenance. The elegant suites can be created in the form of a villa or bachelor pad, offering residents a unique luxury and comfort that are unlike anything they could find anywhere else.


Adelaide display houses are available for almost any type of event, no matter what you are looking for. Not every showhouse will have everything you want, but most will offer something for just about any budget.